A few days ago, I signed up for a workshop that may sound weird named “connect with your inner child” conducted by Yoli Ferrer aquí and Lluisa Noguer aquí, both certified life coaches.

If you are wondering what coaching is, you will have to wait for another post, as today I only want to talk about the workshop:


As one of these 2 coaches is a dear friend of mine, I must admit that I mainly signed up to support her in her new path in life; but that wasn’t the only reason … I was looking for a bit of fun and some time to disconnect. By the way, I thought that my cousin would love this workshop, so I also signed up for her (no way to escape from me, hehehe) and we both went to the workshop.

I clearly knew that I would have fun, but really, I didn´t expect to have such a nice time…

Let me explain: Once welcomed with some ice-breaking games, what impacted me was that everybody wanted to have a good time, forgetting day-to-day life for a few hours.

Although I cannot tell you everything we did during the workshop, as you would miss out on the excitement of participating in something new, I can say that everybody in there had a really great time, no matter where they were from.

The workshop lasts 3 hours… 3 FULL hours without thinking about your job, children (in my case, only dogs) husband, washing machine and housework…

3 hours ONLY FOR OURSELVES, to let go with Yoli and Lluisa and enjoy it!!!!

My cousin and I enjoyed it so much, and I truly recommend this workshop, I don´t regret having signed up for this fantastic time, it’s so wonderful to enjoy 3 hours without thinking about anything important (although WE ARE also IMPORTANT, and WE DESERVE to disconnect)…