THIS IS HOW SOME ANIMALS LIVE IN MALLORCA written and translated by Penny


My dear friend Penny, from SPAP Mallorca,  has explained and translated my original post in spanish, to let our english and foreigners friends know what happens in Mallorca

Today, a friend of mine called to tell me what was going on in a finca of Puerto de Andratx. The couple that lives next door, called Seprona to report the situation. This is a summary of the facts:

On the land where there is no grass for grazing and shelter, there are sheep. Some have given birth and died. The lambs were left beside their dead mother, and the neighbors to save their lives started bottle feeding the lambs, that would have died if left unattended.
When we got there, Petra of Feliz Animal was already there with the neighbors, the SalvemAndratx platform and Seprona who had just arrived.

The owner of the sheep was also there …… This man has no care for animals … when the sheep died, he just got rid of the bodies and this morning while we were there with the Seprona, he picked up 3 orphaned lambs that the neighbors had been feeding and painted a red cross on their heads and threw them back again (yes, throw) into the finca.

The Seprona followed him to see where he had taken the bodies, but to me, what struck me most was to hear the representatives of the order tell the girl that spent two days bottle feeding the 3 lambs to save them dying, «but you have taken animals that are not yours» ….

There is the problem … It is more important that the animals «are not yours» … I mean, we let them die because, they are not “ours” ???? !!!

We were also talking to a journalist who published the info tomorrow ….

We will put a complaint in Seprona against this guy because as besides being a heartless impresentable leaving his animals to starve in the rain, violating the animal protection law Balearics, starting with Article 6 law 1/1992 of April 8: the stables, barns and other accommodation to house animals must: a) be sealed from the outside environment. b) Be well ventilated. c) Collect the hygienic conditions set by regulation at any specific rules or in the provisions of the European Economic Community: d) Have a minimum size per animal in both area and height, which are determined by regulation and that, in any case, allow the comfortable stay of the animal. e) Provide closures or other gadgets without bringing harm or physical discomfort prevent leakage. They must also have open spaces for physical exercise or grazing animal sky. f) Have systems drinking water supply, water supply pressure cleaning and removal of waste liquids for species that require it.

Yes, we will register a complaint, but we want the attached photos to be shared on social networks. We want everyone to know how the animals are treated here.

I’M SICK, to see how the authorities look the other way … In this country, everything is corruption, and everything is transgression, because everything is governed by the cronyism of each. And I wonder, how is it possible that all those who commit violations, abuse, break the law, have friends that back them???

How can it be that those who try to help our neighbors, save abused animals never get buddies to support us???

How can that be? Is the world so unfair?

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