The Krekovic Museum’s cats

First of all, I hope you will forgive the mistakes I might have made in this text. I am used to write my blog in Spanish, or, sometimes, in French. The only thing I pretend here is to show you all the fantastic job some persons do every day. 

A few days ago, I heard about the Kristian Krekovic Museum in Palma de Mallorca. I must confess my nearly complete lack of artistic culture, as Krekovic was a painter. 

You will wonder why I’ve suddendly got interested by Krekovic. The ones who know me will easily guess that this interest has nothing to do with his artistical side (and please note that I am not completely “closed” to Arts!!)

This has to do with a (polemical) cat colony living in the Krekovic Museum´s park.

All those cats are castrated and, as a registered colony, they are fed and are receiving all the sanitary services they need, thanks to the fantastic and selfless commitment of a few volunteers.

And here comes the funny thing: A few persons speaking on behalf of a Neighbor’s Association want to eradicate the cats due to the dirt the cats bring.

Cats are very clean animals, and additionally very useful hunting rats and cockroaches.

To these persons, there are neither reasons nor explications you can give, as they are closed to dialogue. They only “speak” insulting or shouting as they feel completely confident they hold the power of intimidating and enforcing their will. I do not say this only to talk. A meeting took place which ended with shouts and insults from those neighbors.

Do you consider accurate that some persons brag about their relationships in Townhall or Consell de Mallorca that would allow them to carry out the cats extermination?

If you think so, I suggest you should visit the doctor for a complete check-up, because Law is for everyone, and there can´t be special favors to only a few ones.

This kind of intimidation or politic support to “special friends” seems to me extremely incorrect and unethical, and, as far as I am concerned, brings to light one of the everlasting issue that corrodes politics: special treatment. 

Once developed a detailed picture of the facts, here are my observations: 

Cats bring dirt: Really??? So today I went, camera in hand, to have a walk in the mentioned area. I effectively have seen cats. But the things which caught my attention were the plastic bottles, cigarette butts, soda cans, and also a pair of shoes… Nothing that could be used by a cat in his everyday life (maybe with the exception of the Puss in Boots).

Cats bring flea infestation: The Museum workers themselves have never seen a flea nor were bit, that´s why I wonder if fleas are selective when choosing their host….Would it be possible that these bugs only attack the 5 neighbours who want to eradicate the cats? 

Cats cast a negative light to the neighborhood:  Eyyhhhhh? Really???? The negative cast wouldn´t be due to the offenders living in the area? Of course, it´s much easier for a little group of embittered persons to accuse the cats of being the root of ALL the problems. Cats can´t talk, can´t destroy cars, nor carry out physical retaliation. 

As I told you, I went to visit the area this afternoon, with the girl in charge of the colony. Her name is Maria la Gata (means “Mary the Cat”, and of course, it’s a nickname) and she is a young women with determinated eyes, a feline look J and, above all, she is clear minded and has a firm spirit.

Two hours were enough for me to get totally sure that I was talking with a nice person, much more human than those who are convinced they are so.

To fight with her is an error, a big error. Hundred of citizens, animal welfare associations, particulars and Krekovic Museum workers are supporting her. 

Her work IS NOT QUESTIONABLE. She has been feeding, castrating, providing health care, finding adopters for her colony´s cat without any grant or economic help. She can demonstrate everything with all the bills she has. 

This morning I heard her talking on the radio. I heard her arguments, and the way she expresses herself reveals an open-minded, educated and reasonable person. 

This afternoon, Maria, our friend Tessy and I were talking about this “cat matter” in the Krekovic Park bar. While I was sipping my coffee, a man drew my attention. He was standing in front of the corner of park wall and I got intrigated. When he turned back, I saw he has been urinating… But, of course… Cats bring dirt…

The neighbors were talking about poisoning the cats if the colony wasn´t taken off. I would like to remind this stupid people that:

1/ It’s forbidden

2/ Not only cats eat food from the floor. So do dogs

3/ In the same way, infants are used to bring everything to their mouth 

And now, I will write here another of my thought: 

In Madrid, a bar has just opened, with the particularity of having cats living in it… It seems that people love to have “a relaxing cup of café con leche” (haha) with the cats. They say that cats are distressing and peaceful. 

Am I the only person to realize this paradox? On one hand, Madrid opens “Kitten coffees” and on the other hand, 5 persons want to eradicate 15 cats in Palma.

This matter won´t get without advertising. Neither the animal welfare associations, nor particulars, NOBODY will leave Maria la Gata alone in the front line.

Her dedication and her work with her colonies have to be recognized and above all, respected. 

To take care of cats is not only to feed them. It’s to provide them health care, and last but not least, to discuss with embittered neighbors… 

Animals know much more than ourselves, they are pure and much closer to nature than we never could be.

As was telling on the radio Maria la Gata, “we have all lost our animal side”. And I would add something more: maybe some “humans” were born without it. With empty hearts and dead souls.

I share here the most beautiful thing of this post: the link to this wonderful video, edited by the “never-tired” cat rescuers, just to allow you to realize how fantastic and big is their work, just to let you understand how empty-hearted are the persons who want to eradicate the Krekovic colony.

Once you will watch the video, full of love, surpassing, and above all full of hope, then, you will join the fight: