The story of Petit

Once upon a time there was a Tiny Doggie living in Palma de Mallorca whose owner didn´t love him enough to take him with him when he moved house. 

This man’s nephew, who didn’t know much about dogs decided to share an advert in a Majorcan second hand group, offering Tiny Doggie to the first one who would want him. 

And what had to happen happened: As I am a great fan of this group (always looking for nice-and cheap stuff) I saw the advert. 

This picture, showing Tiny Doggie huddled in a big armchair with a sad expression touched my heart and I decided to go for him, to avoid him falling into the wrong hands. 

I have the chance to be part of a fantastic friends group, as kind-hearted as I am,…

And, of course, Tiny Doggie had a foster home even before going to pick him up. 

But, before leaving him in the loving hands of his Foster mum, I had to pick Tiny Doggie up. 

So, I left straight away and picked Tiny Doggie up. 

With a job well done sensation I drove to my friend Renée’s, the famous Foster mum… 

Tiny Doggie is gorgeous, And Young!!! He is 10 months old and he´s shy and very loving. He has everything to make you fall in love at first sight… 

But while driving, I realized that I couldn´t bring Tiny Doggie to Renée’s place without any collar, any lead, well, without anything. Furthermore, with the four-legged “troupe” sharing Renée’s life, I thought it was essential (and IT WAS) to spot him with a flea pipette, to avoid any unwelcome bugs entering Renée’s home. 

And here is when things get complicated… Just when I swept over a lock of Tiny Doggie’s hair, I realized he had flea infestation (including eggs)

That’s why Renée offered her double sink to wash Tiny Doggie before introducing him to the troupe. 

I have never seen such a flea infestation (on a 1.8 kg animal) in my life… We spent 2 hours rubbing Tiny Doggie with olive oil (it makes the fleas slip down), giving him 3 consecutive shampoos and finished the job picking every dead flea from his fur with tweezers. 

I think it was worth seeing both of us, leaning over the sink, putting Tiny Doggie to soak from one bowl to the other one and ranting against the disgraceful owner who let his dog get so dirty. 

After a visit at the “troupe’s” vet, we were told that Tiny Doggie was suffering from serious anemia, and it was to be expected due to all the fleas sucking his blood.

Now, Tiny Doggie is learning what real life is. He is living in a home where he is loved and cared, and where all will be done for his wellbeing, until the moment we find a fantastic adopter, someone who will love Tiny Doggie for what he is: A pure-hearted little angel. 

By the way, Tiny Doggie now has a name…. We call him Petit…