This is the summary of a REAL story as well as a warning to anyone intending to rent a property to the persons I describe hereinafter.

I only want to tell the truth. I am not looking for comments (I won´t answer) or sympathy and nor I am trying to clean my image. I only want to publish the truth. This is the way it happened, there’s nothing more to say:

I want to bring to light the real face of an animal lover who wants to be seen as a saint. This is the real face of a bad person who has shown by her acts who she really is:

TO THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO RENT TO HER OR TO HER ENGLISH FRIEND A PROPERTY TO FOSTER ANIMALS, THIS IS WHAT THEY MIGHT BE EXPECTING: She won’t leave when the landlord might want to stop renting, even if the landlord gives her months to find another place to move to, and when the landlord finally recovers his property after a judicial proceeding, he will find his property in a dirty condition, just to get back at him because he didn´t do what she wanted.

I have proof of everything I am saying here. From “Miss Saint”’s behaviour to “Mr. English”’s aggressive comments to “Landlord”. I have proof of “Miss Saint”’s behaviour, and of all she has done in order to harm “Landlord”.

Another point: Anyone who could willingly defend or excuse this intolerable behaviour, or who could consider that “Miss Saint” is a poor martyr misled by venal people, must immediately remove me from his/her contacts. I WON´T ACCEPT FRIENDLY CONTACTS WITH ANYONE WHO COULD FORGIVE SUCH AN INTOLERABLE ATTITUDE.



In September 2014, a then friend of mine, “Miss Saint”, made a Facebook post telling that an English friend of hers wanted to rent a property to foster rescued CATS, RABBITS and HENS.

When I saw the post, I immediately thought about another friend of mine, “Landlord”, who had a property which she wasn´t using and whose economic situation was quite complicated. So, I had the wonderful idea to put both friends in contact. They talked, and thereupon, “Mr. English” (who didn´t speak a word of Spanish) and the 2 ladies met in the property to visit it.

As “Mr. English” seemed really interested and as he was a close friend of “Miss Saint”, a fantastic animal lover and a woman who I completely trusted, we decided to make a little “rent agreement” stipulating that:

  • The tenant can´t perform any modifications, work or construction.
  • The property cannot be used as a home.
  • Every change that they could want to make should first of all be validated by “Landlord” or myself.
  • It was also stipulated that the property was being rented to foster rescued cats, rabbits and hens.

After 8 months, “Miss Saint” informed us that “Mr. English” was willing to buy the property.

“Landlord” said that she would agree, but only in a few months’ time, due to fiscal matters: first dispute…

After another 4 or 5 months, “Landlord” asked “Mr. English” if he wanted the next monthly rental fees to be considered as an advance for the property purchase. “Mr. English” answered that he finally preferred to continue renting.

During the next 4 years, “Miss Saint” and “Mr. English” did everything they wanted in the property without informing “Landlord” and during this time lapse, they also stopped paying rent for 2 quite large periods.

Can you believe that “Landlord” was embarrassed to claim the debt from “Mr. English” as he had lost his son and she didn´t wanted to annoy him with money matters??!!!

In July 2018, that is, 4 years after the first rent, “Landlord” decided to stop renting the property, so she wrote to “Mr. English”‘s assistant explaining her decision and reassuring them that they wouldn´t have to worry about the animals, as she would give them the necessary time to quietly move.


“Miss Saint” was furious, saying that this was unacceptable, the assistant wrote to “Landlord” saying that she couldn´t stop renting, that “Mr. English”, did so much for animals and people, that he had paid for a wig for a poor lady that came down with cancer, and he had also paid for this lady´s funeral (when you have a minimum of respect, such details shouldn’t be told, don´t you think?).

“Miss Saint” went to a lawyer, so did “Landlord” and finally, although the rent wasn’t for agricultural use but given it was a rustic property, it was determined that the minimum rental period should be 5 years (2014 to 2019). Both lawyers came to an agreement and it was established that the following year, on October 9, 2019, the mandatory rental period of 5 years would end, and the contract would end.  

During this year (October 2018 to October 2019), “Miss Saint” managed to pay the rental when she wanted to, making “Landlord”’s friend come and go various times a day to pick the rental fees up.

She wouldn’t even give him the receipt, she only allowed him to take a picture. All this “show” in order to report “Landlord” to the Tax Authorities.

“Miss Saint” thinking about the way to report “Landlord” to the Tax Authorities is quite ironic…

We are talking about a woman who receives “IN BLACK” money from “Mr. English” for her “salary” and for the animal’s expenses for at least 7 years!!! And she is considering reporting “Landlord” to the Tax Authorities??

On September 20, 2019, while picking up the rental fees for the month of September, “Landlord”’s friend asks “Miss Saint” how she wants to get for the property’s hand over, as the contract ends on October 8, 2019 (as both parts agreed the previous year). And, surprise!!! “Miss Saint” says that it´s impossible.

Obviously, because although she had a year and a half to find another property to rent, “Miss Saint” doesn´t want to leave without harming “Landlord”.

So, “Miss Saint” starts to send a few Whatsapps to “Landlord”’s friend so he can inform “Landlord” that she wants 1 month more, and if not, she will destroy the bathroom they had renovated.

Faced with this panorama, we decided to send some bureaufaxes reminding “Miss Saint” and “Mr. English” that the contract ends on October 8, 2019.

No answer.

Then, it seems that “Miss Saint” changed her mind. She sent a picture of a signed handwritten letter declaring that on December 30, 2019, “Landlord” will be authorised to enter the property (I INSIST: “will have the right to enter”, IS NOT THE SAME AS: “We will proceed to hand-over of the property”), but only if there is NO eviction procedure.

Therefore, we consult a lawyer who explains to us that we have to start legal procedures, because if a tenant stays in your property more than 15 days after the final date of the contract, it can be understood as a renewal of said contract.

Our lawyer starts trying to contact “Miss Saint” and “Mr. English”, without success. Finally, with no answer or news from “Miss Saint” or “Mr. English” (they were playing dead), we had to file a formal legal claim so that there is a trial and the eviction of “Miss Saint” and “Mr. English” is officially ruled.

That means that, since the month of December 2019, “Miss Saint” has been occupying (sorry: SQUATTING in) the property without paying any rent, while playing dead with our lawyers.

Although “Miss Saint” is a bad person, I have to admit that she’s smart. She decided to stay in the property until an eviction procedure orders her to leave.

I want to emphasise this:

“Miss Saint” was aware since the month of July of 2018 that she would have to leave the property, but she had no intention to leave.  

She was well aware (SQUATTERS problems are shown on TV every day) that legally, she cannot be forced to leave until a formal eviction procedure orders her to do so. So, she just had the cheek to do what she wanted and stayed…

And, above all, she plays the victim, saying she’s fighting against a venal and awful landlord… EVERYTHING SHE DID IN THESE NEARLY 3 YEARS HAS BEEN FUELED BY HATRED.

Finally, on January 14, 2021, the eviction procedure took place. “Miss Saint” has been living it up for 15 months, the time it has taken for us to complete the official eviction procedure (date agreed for the end of the contract: 8/10/2019 – eviction date: 14/01/2021).

The property is in a terrible state…The water tank (“safreig” in Majorcan) has been closed over with concrete, everything is dirty, “Miss Saint” even left a ramshackle pool table in the middle of the plot (amazing) and she also left with things that weren´t hers.

BUT THIS IS NOT THE END: On the eviction day, nobody was in the property, and it was very clear that it had been empty for quite a long time. So, “Miss Saint”’s existing padlock was officially removed and replaced by a brand new one.

Less than one week later, “Landlord” goes to HER property and notices that it is impossible for her to open the brand new padlock. It is not difficult to guess who has managed to disable said padlock.

So, this awful lady has not only embittered “Landlord”’s life for nearly 3 years but she has also managed to nastily hurt her even more …

I emphasise: This is a summary of the facts. I have proof of everything I say. “Miss Saint” can say that she has been misled or cheated, but this is not the truth. She has refused to move from a property she was renting, she squatted in it until she has been ordered to leave by an eviction notice, she left the property dirty with loads of rubbish, just to harm “Landlord” because she decided to stop renting to her.

And after all I have been explaining, I repeat once more: Anyone who could willingly defend or excuse this intolerable behaviour, or who could consider that “Miss Saint” is a poor martyr misled by venal people, must immediately remove me from his/her contacts. I WON´T ACCEPT FRIENDLY CONTACTS WITH ANYONE WHO COULD FORGIVE SUCH AN INTOLERABLE ATTITUDE.